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There are  several types of services that I provide. All of them are based on my experience and skills. I love each one of those domains, which all together are leading to a single goal - development of your product.


Concept Development

Innovation Management

Each person should do things that he is good in. My strength (and weakness) is being great in running multiple mid range heterogeneous projects, while working with a large number of stakeholders. I am running several long term projects for myself (see below the invitation to join), but I am passionate about assisting other people in  business development.

A solution is obviously has a secondary nature than a problem and there might be lots of different solutions for each problem.  Uniqueness of  your solution shall not be underestimated. New concepts are much harder to find then new solutions, but they are giving much bigger chance to differentiate your product, giving a higher degree of freedom for segmentation and might become a most important asset of your business.

There are many types of innovations with various sources, for different needs. One thing that is important to remember - sporadic, non managed, intuitive invention has a lower chance to become an innovation. That is why a business substrate aligned with various tools such as technology evolution trends analysis, TRIZ, external innovation management  and more might be critical for success of your business .

Interaction Design

Thinking about a customer is a cornerstone of marketing, but users are actually the ones  your product is built for. There are various ways to make it right, there are much more ways to make it wrong, but there are only few to make it the best. Do not underestimate the importance of UX. It IS critical. Get my or someone else's help  - do not try to make it alone.


You have got a working version, maybe a small amount, or even tested it with several users and got initial income from sales, BUT you might have a product once you pass: High Volume Manufacturing, Yield, Latencies, Defects, Customer returns, QA, Stresses, Approvals, Market Segmentation-driven adaptations, operational costs reductions, and much more... What can I offer here? Wide experience of  8 successful years in Production of leading products in a multi-billion dollar company. 

Strategic Planning

Famous "Why-How-What" casual chain should be a guiding star of your business. "Why" should be a primary generator of your core competencies, but the world is changing. Knowing trends of this change, performing a deep study of your ecosystem and planning of your adaptation is the only thing that would ensure you a sustainable competitive advantage

Not sure? Ask Kodak, Nokia, Crox, Blockbuster and their friends... 

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